Just a few weeks ago, on September 9th, we have launched a non-stop test of one of the most complicated parts we use in our chairs — gas-lifts. We want to make sure that the gas-lifts we use really meet the requirements of DIN 4550 ANSI/BIFMA 3rd class, as the manufacturer claims. So we mechanically check whether those gas-lifts can stay longer than 140 000 compression cycles.

We do our test in out testing laboratory, at a “Stroke tester m/c” stand. Actually, this stand works non-stop, checking several random gas-lifts from each lot we purchase, but it’s been a long time since we’d run a long-lasting test.

So, we’ve chosen 3 random gas-lifts and put it at our testing stand for 2 weeks, 15 compression cycles per minute, 900 cycles per hour, 21 600 cycles per day. Totally it makes 300 000 cycles under 80 kg pressure.



And — the gas-lifts have passed the test, which was actually twice harder than the standard requires. After 300 000 cycles, they were as functional as before.

That was quite a relieve for us. We never followed philosophy that a mechanism should last just as long as the guarantee lasts. And we are not going to follow it. We do our best for each CHAIRMEN chair to remain functional, comfortable and good-looking for as long as it’s possible for a chair.

Of course, gas-lifts are not the only details that have to prove their reliability. Soon, we plan a series of extremely harsh tests for other parts we use in our chairs. Stay tuned!